Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring are not Roles

Today Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership are hot topics everybody is talking about this.

Looks like everybody wants to be a Coach/Mentor/Leader but i not sure if people really want do this.

This sounds wrong to me, as a Coach / mentor and Leader could sound suspicious say something like that but for me there is a different of letting this things emerge and happen naturally rather than make this as ROLES and try to grow people on this.

I dont belive much in this generic roles, i belive in professions i think you can be specialized and do great stuff but to todo that you need a FIELD generic implementations of this things sounds to me like buzzwords trying to reach out people with something new.

Ppl are addicted to "The New"

Today people always want more, they want the new, no matter if they get enough the OLD, something they even getting but it dont make just matter keep chaining because today if you keep doing the same thing you consider obsolete or antique or even a fool.

This is a paradox, its like doing the same thing and doing something totally different but at the same time is keep doing the same thing. :-) So are we getting new stuff or just re branding old ideas with new names?

People are really being leaders? or just using this name and doing old style management anyways? Leadership is about engagement but your company really wants that? sometimes they dont. But they keep saying this things because is what everybody is talking about. If pizza become the new management 4.0 stuff people will start talking about pizza.

Let it Happen

I dont like to "mark" someone as leader, its way better to let it happen, so slowly you keep giving more space and freedom to ppl as they go you give more responsibility and stuff todo. The status come latter as you own it. I saw and try different ways todo this and as much as we do it up-to-front in my experiences it showed not good as when you let it emerge.

For a Purpose

I like to see Leadership, Coaching and meeting as tools todo my job not the other way around. So i still have a profession: Software Architect and this are just what help me todo my job and help me to help other people i think when you see things this way you took more benefit because you endup looking stuff with a deeper insight. I Do Coaching a LOT but not only coaching, so its a mix of management, coaching , mentoring, leadership, agile, lean my own ideias and values about the word and about software.

I dont think i would be the same on other domain that is not software actually i think i would do a lot of mistakes, i see my value as a coach in software that way in an Agile Coach not a Hospital Coach or Business Coach, business coach are very generic to me as well lots of just following the line and this is mainstream its not the best or the worst.

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