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Redis at NOSQL Playground

NOSQL is a movement is around for long time ago but since 2009 is getting stronger and more consistency. Relation data based have they place and they always will have BUT besides the scalability that in some scenarios is more a matter of cost in other Relations Databases is really the wrong choice not just because scalability BUT is a matter of design and complexity X simplicity. The Right structure have a huge impact on the complexity/simplicity of the code and design and have said that this maybe or may not create performance issues. Is a common sens that Relational Databases have beens overused in this last 3 decades. There a debate about the name, my take on that is that is not only SQL and you must consider different databases or data structures in your solution toolbox.

Consuming SOAP Webservices in Ruby

Consuming soap webservices in ruby is dead simple. I will show to do it with Savon a great ruby library to work with soap webservices. For testing purposes I will use this public soap webservices that give me information about the periodic table. In order to install Savon just type in your command line: $ gem install savon After installing Savon, lets try some code require 'rubygems' require 'savon' client = do wsdl.document = "" end puts client.wsdl.soap_actions response = client.request :wsdl, "get_element_symbol" do soap.body = { :ElementName => "Zinc" } end In the code showed above I'm importing savon and rubygems as well(so I can ruby without command line arguments) and I'm creating the SOAP client, when I do that I tell savon where is the wsdl through wsdl.document. The method client.wsdl.soap_actions provide me a list of all soap