Diego Pacheco Practices Catlog

I`ve being working with Agile coaching since 2009. Started working with agile development / lean in 2007. Along this years as an Agile Coach and as a agile / lean / xp / kanban practitioner i`ve used bunch of standard stuff lets say but also created my own stuff :-)

This post it`s an catalog post, the idea is that i decided to write about some of the practices i've have being doing, don`t expect see default stuff here like planing poker, daily meetings or TDD instead of the you will some some crazy ideias and different practices that have being working very well to me down here in Brazil, i need need say that. Several great Coachs are from London, there the system's, laws, culture and people are different tham in brazil, so so of this stuff might not work for you. So i`m basically sharing for the sake of sharing.

If this practices dont work for you its fine, if they exited all well, hum let me know, i dindt copy anything by design i really come to this based on experiences, ideas and problems and this i how i solved some of my daily work issues.

The Pattern Language

So basically i will describe the techniques using the following structure:

* Name
* How to use
* Problem that try to Solves
* What i had in mind when i came with this?
* Photo of the practices (optional)

The Practices Catalog

All practices are based on Lean Thinking, Agile, XP, and Kanban Principles mixed with fun and creativity I group the practices in 3 main groups. Coaching / Team / Learning for the ones oriented teams and to help teams and individuals to learn and grow as persons / teams. Retrospective as retrospective practices you could use in some moments if you find interesting. For last engineering are practices around dev, code, test, design, arch and software development more related or close to the CODE it self.

So this is a index post. as far as i wrote down the practices i will update this post to have the reference for the other practices. Sor far this is what i will show:

Hope you guys enjoy and if helped you out let me know. :-)

Full List of Catalog Posts:



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