Coaching is the Management

Management is all about goals and compliance. It`s a very traditional approach around some ideias that really sounds wrong to me.

Management is about CONTROL and make people work around a specific GOAL in the way that you can manage people to archive it.

That's great but i dont think thats works anymore now a day. Because people are not bad, and people can learn new skills and you dont need manage the people you need actually managed the system/constraints and other for people not the other way around. I deeply belive in servant leadership ideias, i belive people are great and you should not try to control they, actually you should help they to archive their goals.

The Soccer game it`s a great game. If you think though, the coach its not playing, he its a kind of invisible manager, working things on the backstage. Unfortunately most of companies are like the army. So they basically work around the idea that the most valuable thing is not the execution but the decision, that why we see most of companies high a very deep organization structures with so many levels. I think this is dysfunctional.

Coaching is not Management

Coaching is not management, first of all to be a REAL coach you need to belive in people, you need to belive in something better(like God) you need to belive people can CHANGE and IMPROVE, this is a long term vision. It works better with principles and long term goals.

I love sports, and specially coachs in sports. what we can learn from they?

1. They are REAL
2. They was professional players before being coachs(you need to know before teach)
3. TIME they do that for year and years often are old guys
4. They work with long term goals
5. Success is a consequence not a direct goal(thanks to the great master John Wooden).
6. Helping another people is one of the best things you can do in life. (Great Cause)

Everybody its talking about coaching now a days. But most of times people are just doing management, they are not doing coaching at all.


Thats what i`m talking about, You need to remove FEAR and help the person or team to improve they bottlenecks instead of just use the people to archive an specific goal, People are not robots dont try to make they behave one way or another way.

People often believe in things that hold they don't, often they create they own problems. So you need to help they to figure this out(self-awareness its not easy!) . It`s a patience work, most of times very very slow, so i was thinking this thought.

Money its a Bitch!

Several people and companies just want to make money and they dont care about principles or practices or values, or even if they say they care its not true, because it dont matter what you say, what matter is kinda of what you do.

Money make people not think straint, like horses working in just one direction following a direction, the main problem in that money should never be a direction that make you do all the wrong choices.

Systems are a mess!

Companies dont know what the hell they are doing. Bigger it gets worst. Its very hard to make this right, even if you dont have lots of strong a right culture and local leadership. So often like soccer teams your team/system can take the worst of a person instead of take the bets of them.

Here is were Leadership mets Coaching, you need to drive people to the right visions, to the right attitudes, to the right culture and that needs to be systematically this will build the right culture.

What the Coach do!?

A Real coach will first of all care about people and will dont see they as resources. Always will try to help with Feedback, system thinking tools, help people to improve they self awareness and learn from they failures and understand what  make they better or worst.

A Great coach will always push people to improve, to study, to keep improving times the speed its not important the direction its more important.  This take time and patience because people are here to learn and tis not easy.

Keep pushing it, dont give up, everything that its great takes TIME, time is everything, so dont settle.


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