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Rhythm is everything

I love music. I play guitar, sing and dance. My career as guitar-weekend-player started 15 years ago. Sing and dance and new stuff to me, i'm just doing for 5 months... Now a days i enjoy all kinda of music from heavy metal to Brazilian Samba / Pagode to classic, Jazz, etc... But I was not like like that since day one. The biggest part of my life so far i just like Heavy Metal but i changed that in the past 5 months... Suddenly i got it.  I just see a tremendous connection between music and several things related to my daily work like Software Development / Lean, Coaching and Team work. Music is math, software development, coaching, team work and basically anything that has people around in complex systems are not simple math. That`s does not mean you could not apply some cool ideas on it. :-) Software development requires team coordination and that`s not archived by control at all. Unfortunately several assumptions on (CMMI, PMI, Management, etc...)  rely on bad ideas, at le