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Reflections on Serverless:From SOA to Serverless part 3

This is the 3rd part and last one on the series: Reflections on Serverless from SOA to Serverless. On the previous parts 1 and 2 I was explaining how software architecture evolved in several movements and how much we need to change our mindset in the sense of Culture, Movements, and Experiments. Our tools are changing pretty quickly and multi/poly cloud will be soon a reality for most companies. Even if so few companies have this problem in sense of availability and active-active global biz, most of the companies can benefit from multi-poly cloud in sense of getting lock in free from cloud vendors, cost reduction for better and multi offerings, better solutions for specific problems and much much more.


Microk8s is another lightweight k8s distribution - perfect for local tests, an interesting alternative to Minikube , k3s , and Kind.  Microk8s works smoothly in 42 flavors of Linux(Geek Moment: You know is the right answer when you see the number 42 . LOL. ).  Microk8s has easy install and several interesting features like Local Storage, Dashboards, Metrics, DNS, Ingress, Istio and much more. Zero Ops needed with a single k8s cluster done right. That's the marketing of microk8s. In practices, the product works very well but I found a bit slow(start and stop). However installing istio, is 1 command line away from happiness.  Microk8s supports several versions of Kubernetes from 1.10+ to 1.13+ right now(20/04/2019) - k8s is 1.14+.  If you are a hardcore Linux user you must try mcirok8s. Running Microk8s on Ubuntu Cheers, Diego Pacheco

Kind - Kubernetes in Docker

Kind - Allow us to run Kubernetes in Docker. This is not a production-ready solution - however, has a lot of potential in order to make a safe and lightweight alternative option to Minikube.  Kind is built with Go and uses Docker API in order to get things spinning. I got impressed with the speed thing runs with kind, this is an interesting alternative together with k3s and Minikube .

Using Multiple profiles with Minikube

Kubernetes is the new Linux. K8s is the spec for the multi-poly cloud world. Running k8s could be very resource intensive, so is always a good idea being able to run things locally. For several reasons like Engineering Productivity, Tests and Experiments and so on and on. If you are working with Istio like I'm, you might realize it's a bit heavy to run local, especially if you do have other things running on k8s.   Minikube is the goto solution for local kubernetes clusters. However, as I said before, it can get pretty heavy when Istio gets involved. So the solution is pretty simple, it not much advertised. Minikube has a profile feature which allows you to create multiple profiles. Each profile will be a 2GB DISK VM created in Virtualbox. This is great because now you can run multiple kubernetes versions and multiple clusters doing multi experiments. IMHO is always great to have a k8s cluster ready to test things so I have multiple profiles like istio, lightweight, tests, e

GIT based wiki with Gollum

We all need information. There are some many things we need to remember on a standard DevOps project. There are multiple things that we can forget pretty easy. I know so many teams that really only on Slack to track information and that is a big problem. IMHO no one wants complex and heavyweight tools to track information. Developers want simple, easy and pain-free tools like wikis. The problem with most of the wiki tools is that they are heavy and complex to manage. IMHO for small and medium projects we a better solution. I love Git and I love GitHub. GIT has some many nice properties like Easy to audit, easy to merge, we never lot updates, we know everything that happened, we can get back in time pretty easy. For those reasons I really like GIT based Wikies like Gollum . Gollum is built with Ruby and has a nice and clean UI. Using Gollum UI - Gollum translates all the changes into git commands and make commits for us. When we run Gollum, it takes care of everything - the only thing