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Telemetry and Microservices part2

This is the second blog post of the Telemetry blog-series. If you did not read the very first one check it out here . Telemetry is more than just HOST monitoring and Alerting. You can find lots of tools for basic telemetry but is hard to find a comprehensive solution to address all modern needs. Microservices are quite interesting for operations and business however they require better telemetry platforms and tools. Especially if you have Cloud-Native microservices and you are working with A/B Testing and doing lots of live experimentations instead of old business analyst predictions. Telemetry is hard and should scale as you architecture scales. I would say with the same pace. Otherwise, you will have trouble!

VirtualBox Hell on Windows 10

Currently, Docker and even Vagrant are difficult to use on Windows 10 . As far as I know the VirtualBox is not being stable at all. That's why these last versions of docker and vagrant were being so unstable and given too much head-ache. IF you have to work with a windows station I recommend not update this stack if is working for you. Some months ago I ran into serious trouble and spend lots of time to fix it.   If you are having networking issues with Vagrant or Docker on windows 10 I might have the solution for you. It works for me. :-)

Cloud-Native Microservices, SRE and Chaos Engineering: The New Rules of the Game

Could-Native Microservices is not just about ISOLATION and small specialised services. In order to have full benefit from Cloud-Native Microservices, you will need to make sure you architecture and infrastructure are Anti-Fragile and the only way to make sure that happens is with Chaos Engineering and SRE / DevOps Engineering . Today I'm sharing the slide deck and a video version of the lecture I delivered on 1st AWS meetup in Porto Alegre and the 6th AWS Meetup in Sao Paulo this year. Enjoy!

Lean Thinking for DevOps and Software Architecture

Lean Thinking were and still is a big thing. The last Lean manifestation for me is on the DevOps Movement . That's the idea, unfortunately not every company is lean at all.   A Lean approach is everything. Some people may call it vision, which is the ability to think in a very specific way .  The reality is: It is broken and does not deliver what the business want. In order to archive high performance, you need more than just new techniques .  Think lean is not hard but it need to carefully put in practice every day.  It's very likely your company have a monolith application and you are trying to slice it and do DevOps like pretty much everybody else.

Reactive Microservices with RxJava part 1

It's funny but some time ago reactive was used a word that relates to bad things all that changed now if you are reactive you are awesome. Besides the huge hype about reactive microservices lets rewind a little bit and remember what microservices are about. Microservices are about isolation and fine-grained functionality. Microservices are a specific and modern flavor of SOA . It's possible to have others flavors of microservices too.  Microservices are not for free and following this architectural approach you gain some issues, most of people really  don't know what are this issues. Which is very dangerous adopt something you don't know the issues :-)

DevOps Cultural Noise

I saw this happening with other movements before, sooner or later I knew it would happen to DevOps. Culture is so fragile. Culture is fragile because it rely on people vision. It's so easy to understand something wrong or just deliberately misappropriate from something in the wrong way.  DevOps is something hot today and more and more companies what be part of the party.  If you are familiar with the Agile movement, something it happened with it before. There is no what or ever written on STONE DevOps Definition however for me it's 100% clear what DevOps is NOT:   - It's not a Tool   - It's not a Service   - It's not a Team   - It's not a Department   - It's not a Certification   - It's not a Role