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Why SC2 is good for you

Starcraft 2 is a Real Time Strategy game. I want to share some crazy ideias but maybe not so crazy at all in the and about how i think this game can help you as a software developer. :-) I`ve played this game for a year and i saw some  improvements  in my life  related  to some skills like multitasking, problem management and several other things, i also saw other people getting better in same things and those people had similar experiences like me.

Fun with Scala, JEE 6, JBossAS 7 and Async EJB

In this post i will show a simple Asynchronous service using enterprise Java Beans. Instead of using Java i will use Scala (to increase the fun :-) ). We gonna deploy the code in JBoss Aplication Server 7 (BTW this new version is ultra fast compared to JBOSSAS 6 and previous versions) this version is compliant with JEE6 and we will use one of the new features called Async support for EJB. I will use maven 3 as a build and dependency management system. This code also works on JBossAS 8 akka Wildfly . If you are impatient  you can get the full code on my github . JEE6 don`t demand you to create an web.xml so we gonna create an servlet and an ejb using annotations only(that`s pretty cool).