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What makes a productive work environment?

The work environment can tell a lot about a company culture and values.  Companies care about productivity but in reality, several times work environments are optimized for noise, distraction, and anti-productivity.  I used to love open-spaces, currently, I'm not in favor of open-scapes any more. People often argue that open spaces improve collaboration however people are always using headsets(noise-cancelation for sure) plus moving to "meeting rooms" in order to get some work done. When I need get support important work done I work from home and I know so many people that do the same. There is a huge difference if you are a pure manager/coach or an Engineer/Architect because noise makes different effects on you. In general, pretty much everybody agrees too much noise is a problem but in practice keep the noise down is almost impossible in open space structure. Open spaces maximize the value from renting physical structure but they don't maximize value from cognitiv