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SOA, Micro services and Isolation Evolution

Amazon, twitter, linked in, eBay all this guys was dong webservices and evolve to soa and now they are at the next step the micro services era. This is one of the most hot software architecture topics on the it industry right now. But how completely now new this is?  I would say for maybe your surprise, not so much. Microservices are SOA. IF microservices are soa whats the difference in the end of the day, well i gonna try to explain it here in this post. Short Answer: Is all about isolation, is all about have independence. Hold ON: SOA was about that as well :-) Yes thats true, i`m not saying soa is invalid of something like that, SOA was more focused on some architecture principles and big architecture concerns but MSA(Microservices Architecture) focus more on operational capabilities.

The issue with words

When we are the the school and university we learn how to classify things. Thats pretty much into everything, could be an ontology thats present on the idiom or could be a system present in biology. When we go down to the IT world and also people world we have some problems with words. The problem is not related to a common ground it self but the fact that words actually become blessings or crusts based what people understand about it. This could sound awkward but more i think i bot it more i think we need stop using words. :-)

Sketchnotes a lot of fun

In 2013 a friend of my showed some ideas around taking notes, drawing, doodling, visual facilitation back on the time i was in India. Today i`m at Barcelona and i had the opportunity to have a 30 min talk from him, was quite fun and i appreciated a lot. So thanks for the talk and the books  Tony . The most cool think was the fact that you can do a very simple thing we often stop as we grown, that is drawing and is fun because it keep you very active and this could be very useful in meetings, conferences, talks, etc...  Another awesome property of this is the fact that you can easily get rid of noise and distraction and thats really good.  I had lots of fun doing it, this weekend i was doing some train travels to know some of cities around Barcelona like: Montserrat and Tarragona and i was practice some notes(granted i still need find a good precision pen) but i could have fun and keep me very focused another great thing, amazing how we got focus doing this. :-) Here are some co

Driving fear out through passion and patience

If you want do something why dont you do? Most because there is fear around your, sometimes this fear is real other is not, in business fear will always happen and for some stuff you do you always will need to be careful. Some organizations or systems are more complex and political tham other but you need be very careful because sometimes things are not impossible as we think they are. Is easy to see things as worst as they are because we fell safe this way. So how we overcome fear? For me is a matter of passion and patience, first of all you need to love what you do otherwise you wont be able to drive any change, secondly still talking about you passion you need to be yourself.