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Dispatching Custom Commands with Lettuce and Redis-Modules

Lettuce is a very efficient and extensible Redis client for Java.  Lettuce is interesting for many reasons but one of the big ones is the fact that provides an Observable / Flux API. So you can very efficient reactive programming with RxJava or Reactive-Streams power by Reactor . I'm using lettuce in production in the last 2 years and have been really great. For this blog post, I will how to dispatch custom commands to redis-modules via Lettuce.

Building Redis-Modules with JavaScript using Cthulhu

Cthulhu is an interesting project. It allows you to code custom redis-modules in JavaScript . This is very interesting because JS is very productive and easy to write code. You might be wondering how they made this efficient? Well, the secret is a project called Duktape which is an efficient JS engine written in C. So Cthulhu + Duktape will pre-compile your javascript function and run it on C which will be efficient and will be able to talk with redis core. Unfortunately, not all functions are available -- you can check the ones that are available here: List of available APIS . You can so a simple comparison with a module In C I wrote some time ago in this blog post . C is way more powerful but also way more error-prone and might take more time to write if you are not used to it. So for this Blog Post, I will how to download and compile Cthulhu and they install in Redis 4 and code some custom function in JavaScript. Let's get started.

7 Design Aspects for DevOps Engineering

Some time ago I posted about some lessons learned by doing DevOps engineering and in the beginning of the year, I was posting some ideas and experiences(good and bad ones) around  Design and DevOps Engineering. I do lots of different things on my daily basis like Architecture, Software Engineering, DevOps Engineering, Chaos / Stress Testing, Reliability Engineering, Consultancy, Management / Coaching.  I'm lucky to run a team of great architects and also code every single day,. This provides me great insights since I'm executing things but also reviewing things other people do. There are lots of things I think every day but more and more I think about Design and DevOps Engineering. The right designs and how things get bad and complicated by the lack of good design. There are several elements of good design. I already cover some aspects in other posts and today I will cover other things like Assumptions, The Right Language for the job, Multi X Single language, Troubleshooting

Reactive Programming with Akka Streams

Akka-Streams is one of the many interesting and very useful Akka modules. Akka is a powerful actor / reactive framework for the JVM. Akka is an extremely high-performance library -- you can do Up to 50 million msg/sec on a single machine. Small memory footprint; ~2.5 million actors per GB of the heap. Akka is also resilient by Design and follows the principles of the Reactive Manifesto . Akka follows Erlang Actor philosophy/ideas.  Many big and successful companies use Akka in production like Blizzard, Intel, Wallmart, Paypal, Amazon, Zalando, Netflix, IGN, VMware UBS, and much many more others.

Deploy & Setup a Cassandra 3.x Cluster on EC2

Cassandra is a Rock solid AP NoSQL database. For this blog post, I will share a simple recipe to deploy a Cassandra cluster on AWS/EC2. There is the DataStax AMI or  DSE you should consider for production workloads.  This recipe I'm sharing is for Amazon Linux (CentOS based) but you can do for Ubuntu or even in Docker if you want to. Keep in mind this is for Development / Experimentation purpose. I'm not covering proper tunning for your workload, Compaction Strategy and Keyspace design here and you also should be doing this under multiples ASG 1 per AZ ideally. So Let's get started.