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Docker Shared folder on windows

Docker is ultra hot right now. It`s becoming a standard very quickly.  There are some issues on IO and Network but still a very promising solution for prime time. If you are a developer and are working on a Windows machine docker is great for you because you can have linux almost for free :-) For Mac and Windows users we need use Boot2Docker . Boot2Docker is a very small image lass them 30MB and is ultra fast it uses tiny linux kernel . Let`s see how to have a shared folder in windows and a docker container using ubuntu inside docker :-) This should be included at the official boot2docker image at some point but for now or you build the image or you do a workaround.

DevOps: Learning the hard way

DevOps is not a tool, its not a service, its not a framework, its not a process, its not a role. DevOps is a state of mind and mindsets that your company wants get there to have better it performance.  This is hard and depends from culture and several aspects that are unique from company to company so there is no recipe for doing devops or right way.

Akka, Cluster and Microservices

Akka is a great tool. It has so many cool feature and very impressive performance. Today its one of the best technologies todo lightweight sync or async processing. Great for high frequency trading domains, onlime media, ads and financial. Even if your company is not in one of this domains you can benefit from akka, specially if you are looking for efficiency.  So whats the relation with Microservices architecture(MSA)? Microservices architecture powers distribution over centralization, thats leverage another aspect called Discoverability.

Core FP Concepts slidecast

Functional programing is growing a lot now a days, not only pure function programing languages but several new languages are hybrid or at lest had fp influences like java, javascript, c#, python.  On this slidecast i will talk about some of the core concepts on functional programing, here you want find all concepts but this could be a starting point for you. I hope you have fun :-)