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Rust - The Language of the future: Rich Type System, Correct and Fast

Learning is a chaotic process sometimes. It's like trying to fix a puzzle with 1k pieces, sometimes you don't know where you are going but you need to feel the vide and let your gut feeling drive you. Being a software engineer means that I need to learn every single day, otherwise I'm devaluing myself and also devaluing the solutions I built and therefore the customer is getting less value at the end of the day. IMHO a software engineer is like a startup that went IPO if it's sexy, healthy, awesome and doing bleeding edge stuff the stocks go up otherwise they might go down. However, for many engineers, the only way to get better in change jobs which I think is ultimately true in the IT industry, however, I would like to ask a question, What's the point to change job if you will be the same? So in order to change you need to change first. Rust language was the last language I learned so far(2019). Every time I learn a language I learn something new and that's