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Palestra: Mercado de Trabalho Java

No dia 28/09 estarei palestrando sobre o Mercado de Trabalho Java na Faculdade Dom Bosco. Mercado de trabalho java View more presentations from Diego Pacheco . Abra├žos.

Fun with REST, Spring 3 and Jasper

Hey folks, in this post i will show how to have fun coding Web services with REST, Spring 3 and Jasper Reports. First of all i will give you some background about REST. We gonna code our Web Service REST using Apache CXF . You can work the old way, with CXF using the standards like ws-* but here we will use REST only. Why REST? REST(Representational State Transfer) is not a standard. It is an Architectural Style defined in 2000 by Roy Fielding . The Style basically consist in leverage http method like PUT, DELETE and not be stuck only to POST and GET. With REST your are not limited to XML, you have freedom to work with different media types(data format) like Json , Protobuf , binary, raw text or whatever media-type you want even xml. REST is simply. I don't know if it will remain for long time but pray all day for that happen :-). There are a couple of enemies trying to transform REST in something more look like ws-*, such wadl (very nasty). I know you guys want some way to

1. Follow process that doesn't work

This is the first item on my hate list , and the one I hate the most. First, there is a common bullshit sense that people often say "If you don't have process you're not mature". I deeply believe in craft and software craftsmanship . It was a surprise for me when a friend on mine showed me that yes something before software the idea of "Software Factories" sucks. There is no way to produce software in large scale like cars, because software is about learning not building. Generally speaking all this came from the wrong metaphor- software is about building - and people just don't understand what is software development. So there is this rush for process standardization, fetish for paper, assurance and other nasty habits. Maybe is possible have CMMI and still not SUCK(there is a lot o people in agile development talking about that) i just still think that is hard and waste of time. We can do better and cheaper with less than 5 years. The idea of &qu