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Stability Principles

Last year I started to blog about something I'm calling "Stability Mindset". I'm still working on the ideas but I think I had enough time to time and experiences to evolve the concept to some basic guiding principles. You might be wondering if I'm just trying to do some kind of ugly re-branding of Reliability like Software Reliability Engineering(SRE) but I don't think is the case - I see is different things or at least a specific subset of SRE. If you are interested in a broader spectrum you can check out google insights on the matter. Google has this amazing book you can check it out about SRE. I thought a lot if this was just SRE for mere mortals but I don't think it is. I really think is a different kind of problem or at least different subset for sure. Today I'm writing this post because I want to capture some of my recent findings and also because I did a retrospective exercise with my team today I promise I you share some of my thoughts