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House of Cards: System Thinking issue around agile teams

I saw a bunch of things and had several experiences with agile and non-agile teams. This issue is something very usual for new teams or for people that are new with agile culture.  I'm calling this: House of Cards Anti-Pattern or metaphor is you prefer. What you thing about building a house of cards in the top of sand? Sounds like a good idea? We'll that happens a lot - for several reasons.  This metaphor is about people making solutions and decisions in sense of Design and Architecture with zero or poor idea about what the hack they are doing.

Learning: Sometimes is not about fun

We are this idea in IT thats just one kind of learning. This IDEA is wrong. We also associate 100% that FUN = LEARNING. So if we are not having fun? Are we learning? Some people could say no - worst than that - they give up - so if its not FUN i wont pay attention, i wont continue because clearly i`m not learning anything. Some activities like CODING its cool, its fun and for sure you sometimes i dont see the diference between work and fun and learning they all look like the some thing.  Thats amazing but not only with FUN the man lives :-) Most of my BIGGEST learning came from my BIGGEST failures, stress and NOT FUN at all moments. There is no single person in this world that does not suffer. Everybody suffer.  Some people suffer more than another ones but suffering does not make difference between the poor or the rich, the old or the new, the cool or the boring, the manager or the coder.

Don`t Give Up: There still hope for Software

We are in 2015 and yet we still have management that have no clue whats going on. We still have developers who deliver bad code and dont like to study and just keep complaining and dont move a finger to improve things.  We still have business, companies just carrying about money. Unfortunately because there is lot of IT - pretty much everywhere people think is commodity - but its not. It`s very hard to get it right. I don`t know why, maybe because i have strong faith in right software and win-win for everybody - i still did not give up.

IT Good and Bad Spots

Everything in life has good an bad things - there is no just win model - for sure there are things that are better than others but trade-offs will always exist. What's the greatest things around IT? There are several ones. The more I think I got into the *Framework Dilema* so what's the framework Dilema? It means as more as one constraint make it stronger it's also what make you weeak.  Let's say flexibility its a strong advantage it also be the source of the weakness - this is the duality I'm talking about.

Drunk Call Anti-Pattern

Have you ever call someone drunk? Often is very bad idea. Everybody can say that, is not even hard to notice. Why is not hard? Simple because everybody knows when you are drunk your could not be yourself actually.  The booze will make you not think straight, will not pay much attention to details, it's easy to loose control and not only make mistakes but loose the ability to do good calls - in other words make right decisions.