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Clojure? Hell Yeah!!!

Clojure is a kick ass Dynamic Programming Language, Clojure is also a Functional Language and "a Lisp". Clojure is not Lisp but is heavy inspired by Lisp, some folks consider Clojure a Lisp dialect. Lisp Rock a lot , unfortunately Lisp didn't take off as a primary option at the enterprise main stream development language. Clojure target the JVM, JavaScript via ClojureScript and CLR (for .NET platform) so far the best we have in Clojure runs on the JVM and I hope it keep this way. You can generate java classes from a clojure code or you can call java from clojure so interop is good. This is great for a plenty of reasons like: You can use all your frameworks and you basically don't need to re-invent the wheel, people basically create wrappers(Clojure functions) calling java frameworks. There are Clojure libraries and framework as well considering that the language is really really really fresh => 2009 we already have a awesome community and ecosystem. I spe

Scala Pattern Matcher, why should I care!?

Scala Pattern Matcher in a stupid simple definition is a switch++. So it's like a switch statement but far more powerful and fun :-) Why the hack should I care about this, well there some reasons. Instead of just writing down advantages and scenarios that you use it I will should what you can do with a Pattern Matcher in practices trough code. Did you know we can use pattern matcher in order to do recursion, oh yeah, we can easily use to do recursion, whats the advantage, well the code gets cleaner and also easy to read and understand, check this Factorial code written using pattern matcher out.

Why Scala is so Cool?

Scala was suffer lots of criticism on late 2011, some "failure/Step Back" public appear and let several people worried.   If  you din't read this links before I high recommend you read it, but if you don't have practical experience with Scala becareful some things may mess with you head deeply and create a wrong concept of the language for you. So take it easy :-)  Here are the links There are practical and useful feedback about tooling, language features -> more related with performance that deftly will be great for the Scala community to improve the language and make things better, smother and stronger. Other things are pure FUD  and the worst thing unfortunately often people don't really understand what really things means in practice. I sow people got crazy with binary compatibility issues, and basically sayin