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Kafka Role in Microservices Solutions

Apache Kafka  is Open Source Streaming platform for streaming and also a distributed log cluster. Kafka makes sense In lots of scenarios like Microservices, Analytics, and Machine Learning, Observability and Logs Injection, Click Stream Analytics and even for the non-traditional messaging platform. 

Agile Coaching Materials

I'm working with Agile methods since 2006. In this last +10 years, I learned a lot about Agile Principles, Lean Principles, DevOps, Lean Startup, Lean Discovery, and much more. Today I want to share 4 pieces of training I did from 2010 to 2013 which I compressed in 2 videos. In these videos, you will see agile principles, lean principles, coaching techniques, agile coaching techniques, and tools and also experiences and lessons learned in this +10 years working with engineering teams. Fortunately or unfortunately the videos are all in Portuguese, the slides are in English but the videos dont :(.  I hope you guys enjoy and have fun and hopefully learn something that you can apply in your time. These videos are focused on for those who are tech leaders, managers and agile coachs who want to learn more and want to know how I operate with my teams.

Getting the best out of Github with Remote work & PRs

Github is the best platform for remote work nowadays. I'm not saying that because my company( ilegra ) is a Github partner but because I deeply believe that. I always liked Github, in fact, way before my company become a partner. Anyone can use Github anyway, however just dropping code in Github won't do the trick, there are patterns and practices you can follow to the best out of Github. PR's(Pull Requests) can be great or can be a nightmare depending on how you do. I use Github since 2009(Yes, +10 years), today I want to share the trick and patterns I use working with Github with my teams in remote projects. There is no right or wrong, this is what works for me, I'm not saying this is the only way, but here we go on what I'm doing so far. This is not the first post I do about Code Reviews, this is more towards remote work but you won't check these posts out: 1. Lessons Learned and Experiences doing Code Review. 2. Business Review: The Gateway to Automati

How I do 101 Weekly Coaching Sessions

For more than 10+ years I run coaching sessions with the folks that report to me. There was a time where I had more than +30 direct reports and other times I got 3 direct reports. Currently, I have 8 direct reports to me (+40 indirectly) which I believe is almost the ideal number. IMHO 5 is the ideal number.  IF you run 1h coaching session which 8 people you still can do all your coaching sessions in a single day per week. However, if you do have 5 you can do with one afternoon with is much better and also you can pay much more attention to the people you are working with.  People come and go all the time, time to time people change life priorities and projects but as much as you can do 101s properly is crucial to improve your relationship with people not only to mention the support and speed you can provide to their career and direct benefits for your day by day projects and endeavors. Coaching sessions don't work alone, they work best with regular retrospectives and Open Honest

Being an Alien on Earth

So I thought several times if I should or should not write this blog post. First of all, I did not want all to make this post a kind of complaint. Companies have structures and roles. People tend to FIT people in the structure they have which makes all the sense. So let's say you want to build a boat, so you better like engineering and water, right? If you want to build better boats them you have 2 paths pretty much, first, you can know more about boats and get deeply involved in every aspect of the boat and therefore meaning being more technical. There is an extremely technical and deep example today of a company that does that which is Amazon. Amazon is extremely successful not only because of that but for sure they pay right attention to technical detail and really know what they are doing.  However, that's not the only path.