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From Trait in Rust

From trait in Rust allow types to be created or converted from other types. From trait is used in the rust standard library. It's simple and yet effective. Is common to see From used with Into. However today I want to focus on the From trait. Thinking about coupling point of view you end up coupling 2 or more types, however, in sense of convenience is pretty useful since you dont need to lookup for other structs or external converters. You can use From in order to make it easy to convert from basic types to your types.I have a simple video showing From trait in action. Let's get started!

Type Alias in Rust

Rust is rich in sense of types. You can create your own structs and use generics. Rust even allows you to create a type alias. IMHO type alias is useful for 2 reasons. The first type alias makes the code more readable since the type alias can make the intention more clear. The second and less obvious is when you have generics because you can use the type alias to hide or save typing a big generic expression. However, this is a double edge-sword, at the same time is pretty useful to avoid typing and make the type construct proper it really could be hiding some unnecessary complexity. I have a video showing type alias in action. So let's get started.

Embedded Java in Bash

Java is the backend solution for several companies, mainly for services and microservices. However, when you need to ship java for a CLI or DevOps solution java is a bit verbose. First, because you need to have a JDK, and second java by default is not self-contained. Meaning you will java multiple jars and if you are not running on a standalone server or using a framework like Spring Boot this could be a bit annoying. There are other solutions like you could be doing a Uber Jar or Fat Jar where you can bundle your app + dependencies in one and one jar. Today I want to share a bash trick where we can embed a Java jar into a single bash script. This trick is neat because with a single file we can combine bash and java. 

Podman in Linux

Podman is the new cool kid on the block. Podman is a deamonless container(OCI) engine for Linux. It's the natural open-source Docker replacement. Docker recently changed the license and plans. Podman commands and flags are compatible with docker and the replacement is very smooth. OCI makes things much more simple and portable. So today I want to share how we can install and use podman. So let's get started. 


IAM is one of the most powerful tools in AWS. IAM is centralized and super powerful. However, IAM can be pretty complex. IAM is all about managing access to resources and services in AWS. AWS IAM is for free, meaning free of charge but you will pay(of course) by other services you end up using for computing and storage. IAM is made for fine-grained access control, with MFA, Active Directory Integration, and much more. AIM has auditing capabilities integrated with AWS Cloud Trail. IAM allows us to create individual users, groups, and credentials that should be rotated often. Today I want to share a slidecast about IAM. So Let's get started.


Holacracy is an organization system where authority is distributed with self-organizing groups. I first heard about these ideas back in 2013 through Zappos's book . Culture is delicate and often moves much slower than technology. As generations are changing some values are slowly changing. Even COVID-19 is shaping how we live and do business. Holacracy has interesting properties, IMHO is all about the people, having the right talent might work in almost of forms of management systems, of course, the lots of great engineers don't care about what management systems they are in but others do. Today I want to share a slidecast I made sharing some ideas about Holacracy.