Focus, Persistence and Faith

I think i lot. I mean it. Our life is so short and spend so much time just doing stuff without realizing if that what we really want todo. Our education is all wrong we dont learn how to learn, we dont learn how to love, we dont learn how to forgive, we dont learn how to figure out when keep doing keep pushing versus when we should say thats enough.

Some people do shine and other dont, why? Maybe because some people refuse to give up, is very easy to give up, actually you might think i`m crazy, why keep pushing into a direction if you have so many choises, you have some many opportunities, well thats depends what is your motivation. The ones who go and make things happen is the ones who dont give up.

It`s all about money?

Don`t get me wrong, we need money, everybody in this damm planet needs money, more money is better than less money, the problem is when this is your goal, make money, many and many people just want become managers because they have a Status, people think is important and the society look they as winners instead of loosers and is one of the easiest ways to get more money now a days.

Money destroy things it make you loose whats maters, i never cared about money as the first thing and IMHO you should not as well. People dont like to change, people have FEAR in their jobs, people could live a whole life just complaining and doing nothing to change. In part i blame money for that, since you dont need to change you just need to keep going, all we gonna die one day, so why matter?

How to Change Something?

Change is a bitch i think deeply changes to happen only came from something superior some people call that religion or God. Besides that you realize that only true leadership can change stuff, management dont change anything. You get people doing stuff like you do if you have passion, is heavily contagious. Its a vision not a plane that move people the right vision given with passion could change the world and some people did that.

So first of all to change something you need be persistence because you gonna get fucked, people will laugh on you, eventually even if is not your intention you will have enemies, people eventually will hate you.  You will fail multiple times and it does not matter if you fail it matters if you continue pushing you if you will stay down.

When i`m down i always look this video, what a great founding for me. (heavily recommend you watch it) Why do we Fall ?


That the first thing, you need have faith in your self. in your vision, you need to be strong as a rock and dont let it down, never loose hope. Some people say they dont put money on a horse but they will always put money in the joker. You could say, i`m not a manager, i dont have power, nobody cares, thats is not true. I have a theory about leadership is the following: You communicate what you are not what you will become. So if you keep saying i cant do it, i  dont have power, i dont have the tools, people dont listen to me, etc so this will be very true. 

Imagine if you would right a book, write a book could be extreme hard or extreme easy, it depends the way you do it, If you do stuff in your life and just write it down your experience written ins naturally because your just explaining your ideias, your are just sharing your recipes like how to i cook french fries. I think anyone in this world can cook and make french fries but even with that you can make it in your very way and be different and still have people that appreciate that and follow you. So this is not impossible you dont need a MBA to be a leader you just need to have will power and passion and do stuff the rest will be natural.


People often as focus as doing just one thing. I see it differently. I see as doing lots of things but use all this things in one thing. I love software development, architecture and coaching, everything i do besides that i try to use it. So play musical instruments, i run i read i dance i sing, in all this different fields i try to bring this stuff to make me a better software developer. People get blind focusing in just one are and not looking to other stuff.

I love to learn different things and think how could i benefit from it to my interest fields, so i was learning about dogs and cats, so there is no relation with software, coaching right? I found cats piss on worng places to call attention is that different from people? I call this think outside in order to think inside.


My definition of persistence is be annoying. Its like the die hard movies in the 80s. An vision could be externally hard to kill because is like the water is take different forms but it does not desapier. If they block you one way you need to work around you need to use that to make you stronger.

You need be always thinking about what went wrong and how could you make it work. Retrospectives work on this but only if people around you think otherwise could be more of the same, so go read go talk to other people. Avoid be negative, avoid to complain, avoid to get pissed, always try something different real word is hard is not easy.

Keep your focus, persistence and faith they are the grounds to make things happen, you can do it, will take time, great stuff take time, let the things work, and wait, dont expect results quickly.


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