Spring Boot Groovy Console

Observability is a must-have nowadays in modern cloud services. There are multiple levels and options to provide observability into a service. Logging is the basic one but is well used can perform miracles, metrics, dashboards, and alerts and at the top of the chain however, the true nirvana is to have a self-managed / self-healing system and for troubleshooting a query interface. If you let it sink for a moment and think about it you will realize we often had such power in the past with relational databases with a SQL client for instance. However using a Spring Boot stack using polyglot persistence, with JPA, Reactive Programing, Multiple property sources, and Beans it's easy to get into the application and shared libs internals. So what's best? To have access to all properties at runtime and spring beans and be able to execute CODE in a very fluent way. That's where Groovy comes into the play. Inspired by Gabor Bata work, today I will show how we can get that and more with a Spring Boot App using Java 8.

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