Chaos Engineering with ToxiProxy

Chaos Engineering is an important discipline of modern cloud-based services. Failure will happen no matter what and it's improved to prove your infrastructure, code, and configurations are reliable and can resist failure and proper recovery. The only way to know is to either by the worst way possible i.e error 3AM on Sunday night or you can test it and sleep better at night :-).  ToxiProxy from Shopify is a pretty useful and interesting solution. It's a proxy that allows us to introduce all sorts of network chaos in our applications such as latency, hang, timeout, and much more. ToxiProxy is written in Go and you can run the server in a self-contained executable like all Go good stuff. ToxiProxy has multiple clients in multiple languages. I will demonstrate some chaos with Redis using the Lettuce driver in Java and ToxiProxy java client library.

The Video

The Code


Diego Pacheco

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