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Configuration management is an important aspect of any service. However, configuration management is way bigger than just using a source control system like Git. CM(Configuration Management) is about Branching Strategies, or avoiding branches might be the best strategy in the line of Trunk Based Development. Besides branches and configuration management versioning systems like git we also need to be able to version applications in a proper way. It's pretty default to use semantical versioning. i.e: $major.$minor.$sec-patch however sometimes is important to know what version the app from inside the de application.  Java has a way for us to version packages(which can be used as modules) and we can know what versions we are getting, thats interesting for building modular monoliths and also for troubleshooting reasons, imagine you deploy to service and want to be sure you are running a specific version no matter the name of the jar is. Java JAR can have a build number or whatever versioning pattern you want to apply. So Let's take a look at how we can use this feature.

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Diego Pacheco

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