Running AWS ES Open Distro locally

AWS Open Distro for ES is an open source distribution from Amazon for ElasticSearch cluster and Kibana. Today I will show a simple script I made in order to run ES/Kibana locally without pain. You will be able to run the solution without worrying about any configuration. You need to keep in mind this is a developer sandbox script, this is not production ready ES cluster config. AWS ES Open Distro is enterprise-grade because it has advanced capabilities like SQL, Alerting and cluster diagnostics, I like the cluster tools a lot.

The Script

The script uses docker and link 2 containers(es and kibana). The script also creates an index in ES called Twitter having 3 documents getting indexed with the following props: user, post_data and message.  The script copy a custom kibana.yml file into kibana container in order to pass proper docker DNS / Container link to ES container - by default config looks up to localhost and I have to change to es DNS(same name used on docker link).

Checking ES and Kibana

ES: https://localhost:9200/_all 
Kibana: http://localhost:5601/app/kibana

ES (_all)


Perf Tool

Node Analysis

Cluster Thread Analysis

Cluster Network Analysis

Cluster Overview

When you are done you can simply do:

docker kill es kibana

Diego Pacheco

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