Kubernetes Everywhere with k3s

Kubernetes is becoming the truly cloud-native specification for the cloud. However not all software runs on the cloud, there are other uses cases like embedded software(IoT and microcontrollers) besides IoT there is another kind of computation that is growing more a more nowadays called Edge, thanks to the low latency and facility capabilities. Would be great run the same infrastructure for the edge/IoT as we do for the cloud? Well, rancher folks addressed that with k3s. A super lightweight kubernetes distribution where they replace things and remove features instead of adding, This is great not only for the IoT/Edge uses cases but also for folks who study the cluster in the academia and for the developers in 2 fronts. First on the CI/CD front, so we can spin up a lightweight cluster to run all kinds of tests, this also has a perfect fit with GitOPS model.

Another developer use case is the local machine scenario. For developer is very important to have a set of lightweight solutions, so they can run on the local machines this is important for a lot of reasons like:

  • A sandbox to play and do experiments
  • Learn effectively
  • Debug and Troubleshoot
  • Simulate some kinds of bugs in order to add tests

Not all scenarios can be covered with the local environment and that does not kill the need to have a cloud environment for development. However, this is a powerful tool for the developer and speeds up things a lot. 

Running k3s Locally

k3s is super lightweight and super fast. The solutions are pretty new but have lots of potentials. There are some limitations in k3s like there is no ALPHA specs support.

Running the Server

Echo App Spec

Get Pods

Running a service in kubernetes using k3s

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