Running Istio on AWS with Kops

In previous posts, I show how to run Istio in Minikube and with Docker-Compose/Consul in local env, today I will show how to run on AWS using KOPS.

This installation is Linux based(Ubuntu), I'm running all commands from my local-desktop, if you don't use Linux(shame on you) you can create a virtual-machine on AWS with ubuntu and run this commands there, also is possible to run Vagrant with Linux and them run this commands on Vagrant box as well. Istio runs smoothly in AWS with Kops. You don't need much, pretty much 3 machines(1 master node, 2 minions).  Keep in mind this is not a production-grade setup, for production, you should be running with 3 masters at least for High Availability.

Installing and Running Istio with Kops

Master and Worker nodes on AWS EC2 Console

Istio Metrics in Grafana

Jaeger - Distributed Tracing

Kiali - Observability

BookInfo ServiceMesh (4 microservices) running on Istio / Kubernetes in AWS

Prometheus(Cloud-Native Observability) - Metrics, Dashboards, and Alerts 


That's it - I hope you enjoyed.

Diego Pacheco

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