RPM deploy in Neuxs

Nexus is a repository manager solution for Java. Similar to Archiva and Artifactory. If you are a Java developer probably you are familiar with this kind of solutions. Nexus is useful because acts like a proxy then you can improve download speed because you have a central cache and you have your deploys and binaries there.

There is feature is really cool on the DevOps context makes lots of sense is the RPM feature. Basically you are allowed to deploy RPM in Nexus, Artifactory has a similar feature too. This is very useful because sometimes you need to pack things that are not JARS and this is very useful to the operations point of view. So In this post I will show how to install Nexus on Linux and how to deploy an RPM in Nexus is pretty easy and there are more than one to do this.

How to Install Nexus on Ubuntu?

Let's Generate some RPM using FPM

Deploy RPM to Nexus

There are 2 ways to deploy on Nexus. You can use Maven(method1) and Curl(method 2 and 3). If you use maven you need make sure maven ins on your PATH and you added credentials for Nexus on the settings.xml file. That's it.

Diego Pacheco

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