Innovation is the new Quality: Welcome to the (Entrepreneur) Gold Rush 2.0!

Everybody(maybe is not totally fair say that) wants money, thats true. Everybody needs money but people sometimes take different paths or different motivations.

Tell me 5 or 10 years ago i didn't know someone from it that wanted to drop everything and open a bar? today the bar is A) A startup or B) Innovation inside a company.

In Brazil people do startups in a very different way them guys in US tough.  So there is the insane rush going on everywhere this has being take the buzzword or hype to the next level. People are doing canvas with-out understanding jack-shit on system thinking, modeling or even sense of business, its a plague, like in the agile become scrum and canvas is like the new sticks notes now.

IMHO i thins the business model generation is a good book and canvas its a fare tool, besides the fa-act(thanks to the mobile-first, maybe? maybe-not?) that everybody wants do a APP not have a business. There is huge difference to have a business and to build an APP.

Process strikes back

Into the 90`s Quality was the holy grail, everybody was looking for it, them came leadership and other things. Within quality came process and methods, frameworks, consultancy, books, certification companies, etc... the hole Eco-system. CMMI was a must for that.

Whats is the process today!? It`s basically Lean Start up,  don`t get it me wrong,  think it makes sense, i personalty belive a lot in Lean principles and Deming. But`s is like the Scrum BUT thing, lean startup is warped up as: Canvas + Design Thinking and thats it. Process is better tham analysis is well know that process could make 6x better results than analysts but nothing is better than purpose to me align to principles.  So are we just really creating new things and thinking through or just following the new process?

How many Apps?

How many calendar apps can you have it? How many finance apps can you have it? How many supermarket apps would you have it? How many services would you use? The wolrd is doomed, everything its and app as a service to get you 9-19 bucks per months, sounds like the old liscened mode in a more fluid way but the same shit. The lock in ins back! If you are not a weirdo right the only things you can have lots(i mean more opportunities and possibilities) its art: music, photos, movies, tv-shows, games, how many games would you have it!? (I have lots :-) )

Ideas are overvalued

The world is big, very big indeed. What is the odds that 2 people think on the same idea well i think is very possible since:
  * We live in the same word
  * We use the same Process/Methods/Techniques and Tools
  * We all read the same books, look the same videos, have similar experiences

So why not have the same ideias? Actully everybody have ideias is like talk most of people are able to talk, so why value so much ideias? Ideas are nothing, they don't matter. Innovation Bonus, this is around since some time, i dont think it works, i dont think people give more ideas or make things happen for more money if thats true, its all broken and you company is broken.

Ideas are Arroncacy 

The future belongs to GOD and only him to decide what will happen, we control nothing, we are nothing. When you have a business or brilliant disruptive thing you only have it when? A) Do you have the idea? B) You code it? C) You deliver ir? D) You run for years, and have passion around it and you are in fact a long runner.

For me its D whats makes more sense. So having an idea it does not mean you will mke money or it will help people or even that you would have success. The world its out and lean startup is there focusing on experimentation and validating ideias like XP quickly feedback. People are not easy to predict and manipulate as we might think and you need to have patience and passion, why? Because this is dam marathon its not a Sprint, okay i test the idea if dont work i try something else in what 1 year? you need to go for it, great things take time and dedication.

 I got a killer App and them?

You still could get in trouble, look at Microsoft they are never ever the first ones to innovate an lunch something new, but they are great 2nd guy just close behind the first one, so you wait for Google, Apple whatever innovate first you look they mistakes and you put the money on they weakness this pattern is reproduce-able for they several time like Google docs VS 365 and Windows Phone VS Iphone etc... There are other companies that do the same, or even you have a great idea and app in place people want you will have c competitors

The purpose mode is everything

You will die and me and well, life is short, you need do something you love focus your energy in a true passion and things may happen or may not happen to you but even if they dont happen passion talks it changes things it get people. So even if dont work through as you want and dont have all the money you want, all the success you want you still can do great thins and be happy isnt that more important?


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