Do not Code

What!? Yeah do not code. Coding is dangerous. When you code you create issues and issue cost money. The best thing you can do is A) Find a open source framework/library that does what you need. B) IF you don't have that try to adapt if make sense extend some framework/library or some parts of it, why? Open Source software has many advantages and its not only because is open but because people are fixing bugs for you fore free, most of people don't see this.

No Matter how good your code is, you gonna have bugs, i`m not saying OSS does not have bugs, they have plenty of bugs but in fact the they a bunch of people around the world fixing that bugs for you. This post its beyond OSS...

Coding is awesome, i love it but is hard, is very hard for lots of reasons, so in order or importance to me thats why coding is hard:

#1. People don`t get it, people thing code is just about CPU(Optimization) or Developers(TDD) but actually is way more complex than that, it has COST(Economics) it has design(Long term quality) it has engineering(Critical solution caliber) or not :-).

#2 It takes time to have something good: People don`t have it. They don't know or they wont put money for long time. Or simple they lost they faith, patience belive, we live in a flood of information, idea, methods, is so fast that we give up so quickly. Tell me what is this dam life come easy? Not the good things for sure.

#3 When you have a lot its a commodity: Thats true, today software is a commodity so many people can do it(not arguing about the quality) but yes anyone can do it, thats great in some sense in other sense it sucks. Because people forget software is often complex and is very hard to get complexity on scale no matter you have billions of company doing it does not mean they get it right so thats might be a physiological/economical dysfunction because some happens with education, there is too many teachers but they are not the same it makes the difference good ones.

Why should we care? 

I think is the fundamental question... this is kinda dumb question right. People just care about money most of them so if one day we can prove on method or sets of methods can have economical impact this might change, like the shower right, people know there is a direct impact on they bill so they reduce the time on shower not only because its a green thing todo now a dayz but also because is real money very near to the wallet ultra easy to see and recognize value on it.

On day people will see why somethings on the cloud or bugs on architecture is money like when you take a bath of 3h everyday and i hope on that day so stuff start to happen smoothly for us, people who care.

Code Meter?

would be cool if we have a kind of code meter? like we have with refrigerator here in Brazil that says to you how much expensive your code is. If you want sell something now a dayz well you do it better and you do it cheaper them you win.

Tiobe has a similar idea but the problem is that they criteria or indicators are around stuff that people don't care or don't understand or cant the the relation with money.

  I`m wondering if we could have better views of this, i love this metaphor on the very fist time i saw it that might help, people can understand it would be a easy sell better then circular reference complexity for sure.

When people buy stuff like cats they look for things like insurance up to front and this is a key item to decide when people look to software most they just look to the fixed-scope-price-date lowest price like they would buy a blue pen. #CommodityFeelings.

If they have a label that heped they out to figure out quality would be way better!? I think i t could hep. One day we gonna know.


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