Scala 3.0

Scala 3.0 is not out yet but has some interesting new features. I'm still digesting some features some I have some mixed feelings about it. One of the main big changes is the support for Python-like syntax. Scala 3.0 has lots of shortcuts, types of convenience, and different ways to do generics. Scala always had the philosophy to be flexible on the language level and let the tools and companies restrict functionality, so this still pretty much very true. I made a series of 3 videos going over some of the changes in Scala 3. This material is highly inspired by the scala 3 boo/docs. Some code and features on the videos will not be limited by scala 3 but also cool things about scala 2 or even scala in general but mostly I will be talking about scala 3.0. Keep in mind scala 3 is not final so things could change but I believe you gonna be able to have a good sense of what to expect and what's going on. So Let's get started. 

The Videos

Part 1 

Part 2

Part 3

The Code

Diego Pacheco

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