API management with Kong

Kong is an API Management solution.  These kind of solutions are very popular currently but I remember back in 2010 have to work in projects that had required develop in-house.  API Managers are not a brand new concept they have some functions like ESBs. I'm not saying you should use an ESB :-).

Kong is built on the top of NGINX. No matter if you are a developer or operations it's possible to use king with a REST API. Another interesting feature is the plugin support.

Kong Architecture and Features

Kong has Authentication, Logging and Rate Limit support. Rate Limit as also known as throttling which is the ability to add back pressure in the REST service, this is needed when you have mobile apps or customer-facing APIs.

Kong uses Cassandra which is a very wise choice in sense of architecture. Cassandra is an outstanding database it scales and works very well in a multi-region replication in AWS.

So let's say you have an SOA or Microservices architecture and you have the concepts of internal services and external services. External services can be viewed as customer facing services. Kong fits the hole of  an edge solution for the external services. It's a good SOA pattern to have separation of concerns between your core microservices and what you expose yo the world. For lots of reasons such as SOC, security and decoupling.

How to Install Kong?

Diego Pacheco

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