Testing in Production

Are you crazy? No, I'm serious. Testing in production is hard dont get me wrong. There are several requirements like Observability, automation, and guardrails. However even being hard, a test in production is needed. Pre-production testing has limits. basically, we cannot predict all possible failure scenarios beforehand therefore we need a new approach a new mentality. It's much better to recover from failure rather them try to prevent failure. Anti-fragility is the key of everything, meaning: isolate failure and recover rather than trying to prevent failure. Testing in production at the end of the day will be hard and will require greater maturity and tooling. Testing in prod is one of the main elements of CI/CD because just deploy without tests makes no sense. Also about reducing the blast radius to the users combining techniques such as the canary, dark canary, feature toggles, synthetical monitoring, Chaos Engineering, and many others we will cover in a Slidecast I made. It's about Anti-fragility, Fault isolation, and making production better. So Let's get started!

The Video

The Slides

Diego Pacheco

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