October 20, 2014

How do I learn?

Learning is very important. Companies dont pay attention on this. All training activities are so old fashion and people are wasting a lot of create skills because people are just working but they are nor learning.

So this is the first thing to me, work is about learning if you are not learning you are not working you are just being a machine and belive me a bad one because machines can do better repetitive task them us.  There are always a chance to learn something, the problem is that people dont make time to this, instead they are always using the same old tools and approaches. Because is easy an often people feel good to be in the comfort zone, i few awful if i dont learn something new every week actually i got sick.

SOA Contract Testing

One of the most important aspect of a SOA approach is testing. In order to get this right you should have several levels of tests, is very hard to match all things you should have just with unit tests.

If you think on abstractions a Service in Service Orientation(SO) it`s a composed by a service implementation and a contract.

A service could implement multiples contracts. I like to have one contract per service but there are scenarios where you could like to have more than one, for service aggregates or domain segregation cases.

So whats is a contract? For SOA contract is DATA, thats the real contract, but this could be seeing as many things, so i like to thing in some things to define what is the contract.  SOA is about Design so this could change depending of your main architecture design but in the way that i see it a contract would composed by the following elements.

October 19, 2014

Walking Dojo

I always did unconferences and coding dojos with people i do Coaching. So this time i tought about doing something different. So the ideas is do a unconference talk without computers or slides and do that walking since is spring in south of Brazil and the weather is great :-)

This photo you see is the cover of the event i created. This was very cool because as guys working with software we are always doing things with computers(thats great) but with that we dont stop and something is great to stop and relax and talk about ideas. The ideas was that everybody had to talk and was a simple walking conversation about some cool subject that have some links between each other. We did 2h walking and talking thats was amazing because we did 2 great things, 1 talk about ideas and 2 walk so was good for our mind and health as well. :-) So this is the first post that will explain some of the things i create as a coach, you can see the whole index here: Coaching Catalog.

Focus, Persistence and Faith

I think i lot. I mean it. Our life is so short and spend so much time just doing stuff without realizing if that what we really want todo. Our education is all wrong we dont learn how to learn, we dont learn how to love, we dont learn how to forgive, we dont learn how to figure out when keep doing keep pushing versus when we should say thats enough.

Some people do shine and other dont, why? Maybe because some people refuse to give up, is very easy to give up, actually you might think i`m crazy, why keep pushing into a direction if you have so many choises, you have some many opportunities, well thats depends what is your motivation. The ones who go and make things happen is the ones who dont give up.

October 14, 2014

Scala Package Objects

So lets talk about this feature most people dont know scala has is the ability to use package objects.

You might dont find that useful since you have do the same with different techniques but i think this is great for the granularity scala have to control visibility.

You can use this feature to create DSL or simple to empower abstractions this feature is compiled so its safe but could lead to bad code if you dont use it with window. Because you can be sharing variables everywhere so this is really useful for module design but  as i sad you need o be careful.