Experiences on Ubuntu Gnome 17.4

I update my Linux from Ubuntu 16.4 LTS to Ubuntu Gnome 17.4 - Now I'm here sharing my experience.

Ubuntu Gnome is Ubuntu with Gnome. This is the latest version of Ubuntu Gnome since Canonical announced they are killing Unity - next year Ubuntu will come with Gnome by default.

From Quality To Safety

Quality is such an overrated word. Itś so 80s to say that you are doing something for quality sake. Today quality can appear with a different meaning -which often means specific things which people care about let's say Green or Organic or Oil-free.

When we are are talking about software development it's the same thing. Quality is a 2k thing and nobody uses in this way anymore however when you think more most of the times we are talking how we do things like automation or microservices or Chaos Engineering this is what we do and how we do it. It's quality but with a different and specialized focus.

My 2 cents on TDD

I was wondering if I should post or not my thoughts around TDD. TDD always was and I think it will always be a polemic subject. From time to time someone published something and the never-ending-debating come up again.

Uncle Bob post "TDD Harms Architecture". I do agree with most of Uncle Bob points, however, I do want make clear some of my own opinion on the in this matter.

DevOps it's about Design

DevOps it's about Design!
As Steve Jobs once said: "Design is not how it looks but how it works". DevOps implies operation work through automation. People who do DevOps could come from 2 different kinds of backgrounds, you can come from Dev or from Ops. A good Developer cares about and really knows how to design applications. We do have several principles to design software. One of the basic and most important principles is Abstraction.


Abstraction means doing more with less and hiding complexity. It's easy to find automation solution with does not provide any abstraction at all. There is an easy way to get this smell which is the number of parameters you get from a Jenkins job for instance. More parameters means throwing complexity in your face it does not imply more flexibility.

Having more options also can create more trouble for you because. Let's say you are using AWS and you receive the AMI_ID as parameter. Sounds like a good idea but then you re…

My first book: Building Applications with Scala

Dear reader, you might miss my post on the last 7 months. I was not posting with the same frequency I was doing before. The reason why it happened is because I was written a book about Scala.

I'm here to announce my very first book about building Scala application. The book goes for the basic principle of functional and reactive programming to the most advance scala language ecosystem solutions such as Play Framework, Akka Framework, RxScala and much more.  I hope you enjoy the book and hope this book could help you in your career building scalable and modern scale applications.

You can buy the book here:

Diego Pacheco

Running Netflix Dynomite and Dynomite-Manager at AWS Cloud

Netflix Dynomite is Kick Ass Generic Dynamo implementation for K/V Stores. Recently Netflix released the Dynomite-Manager at he NetflixOSS Meetup Season 4 Episode 2. Dynomite and Dynomite-Manager are Rock Solid both are a beautiful piece of engineering work.

Dynomite has High Throughput and Low Latency. It gives superpowers to Redis making him Strong Consistent with Quorum like semantics and multi-datacenter.  It's possible to use Dynomite as Cache or as a Data Store.

Microservices Reactivos com a Stack do Netflix na AWS

This was the second consecutive year, I do lectures at QCon Sao Paulo. Las year(2015) I was talking about DevOps.

This year(2016) I was talking about my experiences with the Netflix Stack for building Reactive Microservices with Java 8. The talk is available here.