Synthetic Data Generation and Java Faker

Testing is often hard. Mostly because we need data to perform some forms of testing. For Unit Tests often you can fake your own data pretty easily. However, as we move to Integration Tests, E2E Tests, Big Data Data Science Discovery, Product(PO) Acceptance Testing, PO Discovery we might have a scaling issue. For sure you could build a tactical solution where you hardcoded all domains/data-sets of your company but this approach is highly coupled with systems database and is hard to maintain. So there are the tools and startups on the land of Synthetical Data Generation where they use metadata to understand databases and generate data because of constraints like size, type of data, verifications(CPF for Brazil, SSN for the US). This approach is hard but I believe is the future. Today I want to show something in that direction, but much more simple and maybe a starting point? Which is Java-Faker which is similar to Faker.js

The Video

The Code


Diego Pacheco

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