Networking Troubleshooting/Debugging with Wireshark & tcpdump

This is the 3rd and final post on the Apache Mina series.  I highly recommend you check out posts I and II.  tcpdump is very important networking debugging tool. tcpdump allows us to capture traffic because on a specific port. Wireshark is a visual(there is a terminal version as well) network capture and analyzer tool. We will use tcpdump to capture traffic between our mina TCP server app and a telenet client session. We will use the tcpdump capture to feed Wireshark and we will use Wireshark to understand what's going on between the client and the server on the network stack. Wireshark has a killer feature to follow TCP flow: meaning you can see all exchanges from client and server. So I made a video showing in detail this whole thing. So Let's get started.

The Video

The Code

Diego Pacheco

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