Nine Lies about Work

This is a pretty interesting book. I really love this kind of book where the author challenges the common sense and traditionally established truths that are not so true actually. Work is something we all do and I often think differently about it. Nine Lies about work sound arrogant but actually is not. The book is full of examples and scientific studies and argues very well on the spot. We are living a global pandemic(COVI-19) and that changed all our lives, that shows how fragile we can be. I personally was always into Lean/Agile and never was a fan of traditional management culture. So buckle up this book might shake up you a lot since will challenge traditional things like People to need Feedback. I often like feedback and worked a long time(~11 years) living strong and daily feedback however even that being a strong truth for me, the author managed to show me a different point of view(wit studies of course) and I still like feedback and strong feedback cultures but I see there are better and different ways today. So yeah buckle up. Let's get started. 
The 9 Lies

Lie #1 People care about the company they work for. 
Lie #2 Best Plan wins 
Lie #3 The Best Companies Cascade Goals
Lie #4 The Best People Are Well-Rounded
Lie #5 People Need Feedback
Lie #6 People Can Reliably Rate Other People
Lie #7 People Have Potential
Lie #8 Work-Life Balance Matters Most
Lie #9 Leadership Is a Thing

The 9 Truths

1. People care about what teams they are on - because thats where real work happens. 
2. The Best intelligence wins because the world moves too fast for plans. 
3. The best companies cascade meaning - because people want to know what they all share. 
4. The best people are spike  because uniqueness is a feature, not a bug
5. People need attention - because we all want to see what we are best 
6. People can reliably rate their own experience because thats all we have
7. People have momentum because we all move to the world differently 
8. Love in work matters most because thats what work is really for
9. We follow spikes because spikes bring us certainty

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