Factorio: A game about automation

This is a very interesting game. Factorio is a game about automation. If you work as an engineering or DevOps/SRE or like Lean and Queue theory this is a game for you. Factorio is highly, highly, highly addictive. It's very much like real life with the need for Refactoring, Technical Debt, Architecture, the pressure to deliver, constant tech updates and you have to catchup, debugging why you product halt, and much more. You can either play alone or with friends. It's 100% fun, especially if you are in the tech industry like I'm. The game reminds me a lot of StarCraft 2 but much more focused on automation at scaling them battles and micro. So I made a quick video showing some of the ideas about the game and I hope you guys like it and have fun. Let's get started! 

The Video

Diego Pacheco

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