Linux Terminal Goods VI


It's time for another Linux Terminal Goods post. This is post #6 of the series of posts about cool, productive Linux terminal tools for Engineers and DevOps Engineers. If you did not read the previous posts(there is lots of cool and useful stuff there) I recommend you take a look now: I, II, III, IV, V.  So without further due let's get started and checkout 5 new cool commands/programs for you! 


Dog is a better DNS client. Which is pretty useful to troubleshoot network issues. 


Duf is an interesting Disk utility tool. Especially when you have too many steam games of docker images and you need to free some space. 


Gping simply put is ping with charts. 


McFly offers a much better history search.  

Asciiquarium - For Fun :-)

Asciiquarium: It's an important tool. We are all stuck at home doing meetings over zoom the whole day so sometimes you need to chill out, the console is the place to be and Asciiquarium is your friend. 

I hope you like it. Take care.

Diego Pacheco

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