Linux Terminal Goods V

It's time for a new kick-ass console application to boost your productivity. The tools can be useful both for engineering productivity on your local workstation/laptop or doing some remote pair programming but also for the cloud as you profiling or debugging something. So if you did not check it out the other 4 posts please check it out here: I, II, III, IV. So like Bruce Buffer would say it Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's time! Linux Terminal Goods V!


Kubernetes and Docker are great, however, time to time the fill your 500GB HDD.So In order to save space, please don't delete your Steam games. Use diskonaut and figure out the big files and delete them pretty sweet and easy.


Latency can be a Bitch sometimes. Httpstat helps you to figure it out. :-) 


This is not an air company. However delta helo you to figure out Diffs pretty on the fly. There is even a github like a template so you even will forget that you are in a terminal. 


Sometimes you want to test things pretty dirty and easy, other times you want just to have fun, mostly if you just want to have fun, check it out webify. It all any BASH command or script be turned into a web server. So let's pretend it's secure and just have a good time with Webify.  


ls can be deprecated now. There is something much cooler and with a badass name that's Ranger. Ranger allows you to navigate thought the file system via terminal and open vim at the end. 

That's it for today! 


Diego Pacheco

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