Linux Terminal Goods IV

Every software, DevOps, architect, QA engineer loves terminal applications. Console applications make uses more productive than GUI ones. One big important aspect of console/terminal application is the fact that they are scriptable and can be orchestrated with other automation solutions. This post is the sequence of the saga Linux Terminal Goods, If you did not check out previous posts you can do it here: Episodes I, II and III. I don't know if you realize but most of new and cool Linux console apps are written in Rust now a days.  So Let's get started.


fd is a simple, fast, user-friendly alternative to find.


sd is a intuitive, find and replace, similar to sed but much better.


tokei allow you to count your lines of code(Loc) pretty easily.


ytop is a like htop but much better.


git-fuzzy is really cool. Basically they enhanced git experience using fzf.

git fuzzy status

git fuzzy log

I hope you like it.

Diego Pacheco

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