Linux Terminal Goods III

This is the third post about some awesome and productivity console apps for Linux. So you might check it out the second and the first post if you haven't checked yet. More is more folks are doing remote work. For sake of safety everybody needs to #StayAtHome but besides the COVID-19 working for home is much more productivity anyways. So if you work with engineering, architecture or is DevOps engineering you can take more advantage of your Linux terminal. So I won't share more useful tools I'm using every day with you guys. The terminal is much more productive than using a mouse, for instance, that's most of the people know, however not everybody know all the good and awesome terminal apps that are out there so sharing is caring. Let's get started!


FX is a terminal tool and console viewer for Json. I also use a lot of JQ. FX is also an interesting option.


How2 is an amazing tool. You can type what you need todo and how2 will give you the commands and the instructions.


Cloc is a cool tool for engineers if you are doing a core review or just want to know how big a codebase is - cloc is the tool for you.


Dust is an amazing tool that displays the directory sizes, not only for cleaning up but also for discovery, there is an awesome interactive mode as well and written in rust.


Starship is great. IF you spend a great part of your day using terminal and love contextual information - Starship is the tool for you. It's customizable and super fast, also written in Rust.

I hope you guys like it. Happy hacking with your tuned Linux terminal!

Diego Pacheco

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