Linux Terminal Goods II

This is the second post on Linux Terminal good. The first post was more successful then I could possibly imagine. Thanks to an HN Thread I got some great feedback and decided to create a second post.  I was surprised to see how much people care about the terminal and how much impact the first post made. I also learn some cool stuff from the Thread and want to show it here.  I'm using ubuntu 18.04 LTS with ZSH using OhMyZsh.  For this post, I will show 5 utilities to make any engineer life better.  If you want to learn more on OhMyZSH check this one. If you like vintage terminals also check this one out. So So the first 2 tips will be for ZSH but the other 3 will work out for BASH too. let's get started. :D


I think this was the best tip I got from the HN thread. This is exactly like powerlevel9k but faster, really this is much faster. I just love it. powerlevel10k for the winners.


I believe this is one of my favorite extensions on ZSH. Basically, this extension makes valid commands on the terminal in green color and wrong or invalid ones in red. zsh-syntax-highlighting is a must for OhMyZSH.


tldr is another kick-ass program you must have. tldr was a tip from a friend, work-mate of mine called Guilherme Guerra.


trans is another very useful program, it allow you to translate words and phrases on the terminal, it also has a dictionary.


Yes! We need emojis on the terminal, why not. Using this kick-ass nodejs lib called emoj. We can translate phrases into emojis and copy emojis and paste it other places. Ubuntu was native support for emojis.

I hope you guys like it. 

Diego Pacheco

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