Testing AWS Lambdas with Java

AWS Lambda is an awesome Serverless implementation. Lambdas are a bit tricky because they are ephemeral and short-lived so either they call another lambda or they will mutate some external state. Either an external data store like RDS, Aurora, S3, Kineses, Elasticache or they will call another microservices that does state mutation. In order to properly test Lambdas, we need to design for testability, the easier thing to do is always create more lambdas because you can check the input and output. So lambdas are not pure functions(functional programming) they often need to have side effects. So AWS has this library that makes it easier to test lambdas for Unit Testing / Mocking but also for localized Phased Integration Tests. You can mock source events like S3 ones, and also mock the context, and just test your lambdas with Junit. So I made a simple POC and video I want to share with you guys. So Let's get started!

The Video

The Code



Diego Pacheco

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