Spring-Boot Native Image

Spring Boot is the most popular java stack nowadays. New languages like Go and Rust are capable of creating a single binary, self-contained with all deps to run the application. This is great for deployment simplicity but also easier to maintain. As time pass we want to have fast bootup times and do more with less. The native solutions are fast since they are statically compiled for a target platform or OS(in the case of UniKernels). Java was designed to be better as time pass(Runtime) and optimizations kick in. However thats not ideal for Serverless applications. GraalVM changes that since allowing us to compile JVM applications(Java, Scala, Kotlin) to native applications. Today I want to share a simple Video + POC using a new project called Spring Boot Native which allows us to create native images to spring boot apps.  Native images have some challenges like Type Erause for C++ and Reflections in Java. So Let's get started!

The Video

The Code



Diego Pacheco

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