Debug Tricks

Debugging is an important tool. When it's possible to debug you have more chances to figure out the problem faster. Unfortunately not all issues are created equally and sometimes you cant debug. When you need to debug something is important to have your debug game sharp. Several engineers might consider the topic basic but as a consultant, I saw multiple times overtime people dont dominate the tools. Dominate and master your tools is important not only for productivity but also to improve your developer experience and make your life easier as an engineer.  I used Eclipse for a long time. For the last 3 months I decided to give IntelliJ a chance. A month ago I made a video about some killer stream debug trick and also how to do some configs. Today for this post I want to show some other IntelliJ Debug tricks which will make your life easier and will make debug much better and productive.

5 Java Debug Tricks Video

I hope you guys like it. 

Diego Pacheco 

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