JQ the best Devops Json Processor tool

JQ is a very powerful json processing tool. JQ is great because is written in C and is super fast. JQ also make json appear with a color highlight when you use it in Linux terminal. JQ is useful because you can combine with other DevOps tools like kubectl, docker, ectd, vault, and so on one. Basically, anything that returns a json output you can use JQ in order to process it. JQ has lots of interesting features and is possible to do pretty simple and yet powerful json processing. JQ allow us to subtract parts of the json document and also provide some powerful processing function like map, add, flatten and much more. It's possible to do some very high level and simple functional programming with it.

Now let's take a look on Sheet Cheat I made for JQ.

JQ Sheet Cheat

I hope you like it. Enjoy!

Diego Pacheco

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