Python Sci-Kit ML env in Vagrant

In this post i will show how we can have a machine learning environment with python and scikit-learn in Vagrant.

Python is a great language however use it in windows is hard because most of libraries might now work property so something is easier just provision a environment with Vagrant and them do it in Linux - thats what we goona do. This is pretty straight forward you just need to have vagrant installed and configured before we start.

Vagrant + Python + Scikit-Learn

So you just need have this Vagrantfile

As you can see we are installing pip for python 2 and python 3. Once you download my Vagrant file you just need do a $ vagrant up

This could take some time because there are lots of libraries and dependencies. After the provisioning you can enter on the box via ssh doing $ vagrant ssh

IF you want to test your scikit-learn you can create this python script inside your vagrant linux.

Likewise RStudio scikit-Learn comes with some datasets like iris. You can run this code now. You might be interested in plotting them you can copy the commands to install sci-kit and install into a virtual box instance of Ubuntu in order to have graphical interface. That`s it, Have fun :-) Cheers, Diego Pacheco

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