NetflixOSS: Installing and Running ICE

NetflixOSS ICE is AWS COST monitoring solution. Similar to cloud watch but IMHO is better. There are some issues with ICE first of all is kinda of buggy at least right now - something you got some NPE and is hard to figure out what you did wrong.

Second - its kinda of slow to run first time it take some time because it does lots of processing to figure out the costs.  You need have your billing configure right on AWS and also you need a S3 bucket to store the billing data so ICE and read and show the charts for you. We will install ICE on Amazon Linux OS(CentOS based).

Installing and Running ICE on Amazon Linux OS

Beware of the policies - you need add some policies in S3 in order to get this working right - in aws you can get your tight policies this are the policies are generated for me for you might be different so keep that in mind. You will need to have your amazon Key and Secret as well so when we run ice you will pass that by parameter.

When you run ice you will see something like this:

Have Fun :-)

Diego Pacheco

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