NetflixOSS: Installing and Running Vector

Netflix Vector is a great monitoring tool for linux boxes.  Today i will show how to install, configure and run Netflix vector. We will do that on the AWS cloud.

I will do the installations on the Amazon Linux OS (CentOS Based) but IMHO you can use other OS if you want like Ubuntu.

Installing and Running Vector on Amazon Linux OS

First of all - You will need create a amazon instance, select amazon linux and them once you create the machine you need ssh into the box, them you are ready to install vector.

As you can see we installed PCP because vector is just a UI - IF you want you can install PCP in other boxes and them just have vector in one HOST. This is useful because them you can have a central repository for monitoring and you can see all in first place.

When you open vector in you browser will look something like this.

Have fun :-)

Diego Pacheco

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