Learning: Sometimes is not about fun

We are this idea in IT thats just one kind of learning. This IDEA is wrong. We also associate 100% that FUN = LEARNING. So if we are not having fun? Are we learning? Some people could say no - worst than that - they give up - so if its not FUN i wont pay attention, i wont continue because clearly i`m not learning anything.

Some activities like CODING its cool, its fun and for sure you sometimes i dont see the diference between work and fun and learning they all look like the some thing.  Thats amazing but not only with FUN the man lives :-)

Most of my BIGGEST learning came from my BIGGEST failures, stress and NOT FUN at all moments. There is no single person in this world that does not suffer. Everybody suffer.  Some people suffer more than another ones but suffering does not make difference between the poor or the rich, the old or the new, the cool or the boring, the manager or the coder.

Entertaining could be a lie

Sometimes we talk, we do code everyday, we talk about code, thats pretty cool and great, Some times we learn alot from that practices. Other times we are just fooling our self's with lies. Because we are at the safe zone just doing more of the same and could be all pointless. Guess what - could be fun and cool but at sometime you are not learning anything and its that good?

Suffering is not good: But could lead to good things

IF you learn from a failure and that helped you to be better - thats a epic win - otherwise is just suffering and suffering without learning is just waste of time. Nobody pick to surfer in first place, since nobody asked to come for this world - So you cant control it - but after that you can reduce the amount of pain, stress and suffering you have in your life.

Give less importance to suffering and keep in mind it will pass(but it will comeback) make you stronger and make it easier to carry on - so you can learn. Its all about learning but you cant learn if you are not okay - so its wearied but you need be kind of zen - always in equilibrium.

Pain could teach you if you dont pay much attention to her and try to be humble. Pain can hit you 1000x stronger if you let your EGO control you - do not let that happen - keep humble thats how you overcome this feeling and can learn from your experiences.

Sometimes you can teach your-self others you need be humble

Internet is here. Books, videos, slides. Its all great we can learn plenty of things and educate our-self's in lots of things. But there is stuff you cant LEARN from books or videos you need a kinda of GURU - someone thats guides you and help you in your journey - a kinda of Coach for something. Someone that already face that things - so sometimes we face awful situations but if we overcome and learn we can teach others so the good always win the bad.

You could be thinking into HARD stuff like marriage issues but could be that or could be work issues or even project issues, people issues - not matter what - it could be applied to this. So keep in mind you can`t teach your self in every-time.

There is always more than one DIMENSION

I love the dimension metaphor. I belive it make me a better person. So i belive for everything there are dimensions, some are better then other some people just see 1 dimension as more dimensions you see as more rich you are and making sure you discover this other dimension will make you better because horizontal is better than vertical. Its like saying knowing scala, clojure and C# its better than just knowing C(but knows everything about it).

Diego Pacheco

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